A Showcase of Romanian Creativity in Movie Business

A Showcase of Romanian Creative Film Makers is participating at European Film Market 2024 with 9 companies.
The Romanian participation at European Film Market 2024 is organized through a project finance by ARICE Romanian Agency of Investments and Foreign Trade (Romania's Government).

The European Film Market is considered one of the premier gathering spots for the global film and media sectors, ranking among the top three in the world. Located in the bustling creative hub of Berlin, its strong ties to the Berlinale film festival and the city's dynamic creative economy are key features of the market. However, the EFM goes beyond being just a dynamic marketplace for buying and selling films and audiovisual content – it has also established itself as a platform for fostering innovation and driving change within the industry.
Film Cash Rebate in 2024

Fast Production Film

Located in one of the most beautiful and serene areas of Bucharest, Fast Production Film offers to its clients a highly professional environment developed in more than 12 years of experience, alongside with a 300 voices database. Fast Production Film was born back in 2001. Since then it had a privileged place in the European top of dubbing studios.

Our client portfolio contains big names from entertainment and Tv market: Fox Kids, Disney Channel, Jetix, Nickelodeon, Discovery Channel, Hallmark/Diva Universal, Universal Channel, Movies 24, Sy Fy Channel, Toy-Mania, Noriel, Simba Toys, Corus Entertainment, Nelvana Distribution.

Fast Production Film Studio

We are Fast Production Film Studio, a distinguished film production company based in the vibrant city of Bucharest, Romania. With over 20 years of unwavering commitment to excellence in the video production industry, we take pride in our versatile portfolio and global collaborations.

Our extensive experience includes successful partnerships with industry giants such as Disney, National Geographic, Warner Brothers, BuzzFeed, and many more. This has allowed us to craft compelling narratives and visually stunning productions that resonate on an international scale.


FILMLAB was established in 2007, specializing in cinematic storytelling. Its portfolio is diverse, including award-winning documentaries and commissioned works for prominent clients like HBO Europe, IKEA, Amnesty International, BBC World Service and more. The company's dedication to excellence has garnered numerous awards and accolades, cementing its reputation in the European film industry. Its commitment to creativity and innovation continues to drive its success, making it a sought-after partner for both artistic and commercial projects.

ICI Productions

I started my journey into visuals from an early age by painting, then with time I began my first experiments with moving images.

With 15 years of experience working in the broadcast and visual production industry Ciprian Ioan Iacob brings with him not just experience but a passion and dedication that just gets stronger with time.

Ciprian is available as a Director and Director of Photography with experience across multiple genres from film to tv series, music videos, comercials and corporate.

Idea Film around the World

We created Idea Film, 8 years ago, during a cup of coffee. So yes, it didn’t take long till we figured out that this is what we wanted to do, together. And then, we drank some more coffee with clients that became our friends. This didn’t take long either.

We continue to do so with old friends and new clients and collaborators. Some things don’t need to change. This friendly approach and our background in film and commercial production for over 16 years was appealing to more than 80 clients from all over the world. Today there are more than 400 projects we took part in.


Set up in 1992, we are one of the most stubborn film companies in Romania. Image tailors. Obsessed with details. Rhythm inventors. World wanderers. People with a story. Film has unique cuts. Shapes your imagination. Hides imperfections and reveals the inner beauty. Outlines the finest details and complements the whole.

The film devises the story without letting you see the stitches. Shows you glimpses of the future or travels back in time. Full of colour. Sometimes shows grace just in black and white. Catches your eye with millions of pixels or with just one shape on the screen. For a second or for hours.

Mavish Ask

Situated in the pic turesque city of Iași, Romania, Ma vi Productions stands as a c inematic powerhouse with a trail of accolades from prestigious film festivals. Our works have been celebrated at renowned events like the St. Louis International Festival, Oregon Film Festival, Portland Film Festival, and Izmir International Festival, establishing Mavi Productions as a name synonymous with quality and creativity.

Specializing in a diverse range of cinematic expressions, from short films and documentaries to animations and feature films, our portfolio reflects a commitment to storytelling that transcends cultural boundaries. The universal appeal of our productions has resonated with audiences on a global scale, underlining our capacity to connect with viewers from all walks of life.

Profesional Film Partners

Hello, we are Professional Film Partners, a film production company based in Bucharest, Romania. We are proud to be a part of the dynamic and ever-evolving film industry in our country.

At Professional Film Partners, we believe in the power of creativity and quality. Our young and talented partners work closely with established filmmakers to bring the best possible projects to life. Our passion for film is evident in everything we do, and we are dedicated to making a positive impact in the industry.

We have a proven track record of success, with several successful coproductions under our belt. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the high standards we set for ourselves and the projects we work on.

Retina Film Production

The Retina team began its journey in game development and 3D art in January of 2020. With 4 programmers and 4 artists, it’s a young and enthusiastic team. In partnership with a prestigious cultural institute, we’ve had the opportunity to launch three video games, with the purpose of teaching the German language to youth.

Artistically speaking, Retina has been involved in many innovative digital art projects, including the first completely virtual concert in Romania; partial production and post production on the first Romanian S.F. Tv series; concept and 3D modeling for the 2023 E-Sports world championship trophies.

Our Sponsor

The Romanian Agency of Investments and Exterior Trade

Was established through a Governement Act in late February 2023 and it applies the strategy and the ruling programme of commerce, commerce policies and international economic relationships, small and medium-sized enterprises, corporations and business environment, foreign investments and tourism in accordance with the requirements of the market economy and for the stimulation of economic operators. The agency aims to apply the Government’s policy for attracting foreign direct and portfolio investments in Romania, promoting foreign trade, including Romanian services, exclusively in the field of tourism, as well as for pursuing Romanian investments abroad.

The sector of small and medium-sized enterprises is a contributor of strategic importance to the economic growth and the job creation, and it should benefit from the state of a Public policy regarding a keen regulation, a systematic consultation with representative organizations, an attractive fiscal system, increasing access to financing, simplification of the procedures and less paperwork.

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Address: 9-11 Promoroaca Street, District 1, Bucharest, Romania

E-mail: comunicare@arice.gov.ro
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