Alien Film is a production company based in Bucharest, Romania with great experience in runaway productions in Romania and abroad. Thanks to the beautiful landscapes, experienced crew and high standard equipment, also to its attractive production costs and the NEW CASH REBATE (35% up to 45%), available for SERVICE PRODUCTION / CO-PRODUCTION / FILM & TV SERIES, Romania is one of the favorite locations chosen by foreign directors and producers. The exquisite places are assured by Romania’s geographic location in Europe, in the north of the Balkan Peninsula and on the western shores of the Black Sea.

Alien Film is a company run by Iuliana Tarnovetchi (Managing Director and founder), a production professional with over 30 film projects and Oana Prata, Managing Partner, with more than 18 years of experience in media, communication and TV business.

Our portfolio includes various international works, from film to advertising, most of our clients coming from Europe, USA and Asia.
“Killing Eve” (2018) / “Kursk” (2018) / “See You Soon” (2018) / “With Open Arms” (2017)

Given our newest Los Angeles branch and our latest Dominican Republic partner, shootings within these regions can now be underway.

It’s about time we met.

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