Because Argo Film has appeared out of curiosity, passion and devotion, each art documentary represents a new chance to rediscover Romanian forgotten artists and to reinsert them in the universal cultural circuit. Together with each saved artist or with the bringing to light of hidden treasures, we picked up the hopes and aspirations of artists who have kept their artistic values in communist Romania.

The artists surrendered themselves to us, with both their art objects and stories, admitting that we are young and that through Argo Film we will hand them down to future generations.

We all tend towards a certain form of perfection and Argo Film tends towards a form of visual perfection; seeing means living, but understanding what we see takes practice and patience. The keywords here are not perfection or understanding, but daring to understand our world full of living images. Argo Film crew have a true passion for flm venture and we intend to bring something new to the artistic scene. While making use of our expertise in many other artistic felds, we wish to understand the desire of each client, to present customized services and to make flm documentaries about forgotten or well known artistsARGOW