Retina Film Production is a young, but experienced company born out of passion. We pride ourselves on our love for cinematography, for a good script, for a big idea. We put all of this love, along with our great attention to detail, at your service.The heart and brains behind Retina is Alexandru Balta, a young director who has also been successfully producing short features, commercial advertisements and music videos in recent years. The soon to be doctor in game design often imports concepts from his second love, gaming, onto the movie set or into the studio.

Our frst long feature flm, “Once upon never”, is in the fnal stages of post production, and our most recent short flm, “The birthday boy” has been selected for “Psychiatry and Film” festival. We are also co-producing a feature flm directed by Alecs Năstoiu called “The Secret of Pin-Up Island” (inspired by the famous “Monkey Island” franchise) with GAT Transilvania Films.We’re interested in expanding our portfolio with long/short feature flms, documentaries, publicity or corporate flms. We provide state of the art equipment, we will be with you every step of the way, through pre, flming and post production, we can make your story happen and we’re ready to be a part of it.

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