“In our view, the production of a film is 20% mathematics, 40% organizational management, 40% art. We calculate everything to be in place way in advance, prior a project forecast and a risk assessment analysis. We take account of the clients’ needs and come with our personalised added value in terms of advice and recommendations.”
Victoria Baltag Production produces art footage (short and long-length), anthropological documentaries and feature films inspired by history, culture, science and technology.

The film production company is aiming to both inform and entertain the viewer. Offering both art and commercial videos, the firm has built a strong reputation for excellence thanks to its collaborative approach and commitment to excellence in filmmaking.

“My firm, Victoria Baltag Production, started from humble beginnings, and we have acquired everything we have achieved so far through serious work commitment, high tech training and high class education. We also took advice from the best filmmakers in the world: Christopher Nolan, Michel Hazanavicius, Bertrand Tavernier, Steven Spielberg, Abdellatif Kechiche. Since 2012 we produced more than 60 videos and got more than 20 national and international awards (for shorts, documentaries, presentation visuals, interviews, reportages, promotional materials).” (Victoria Baltag, director/producer).

Pitesti Experiment (1st draft cut sequences feature film) from Victoria Baltag on Vimeo.

At the beginning of the 1950s, due to some circumstances, a student ends up as a political inmate.

This movie comes as a sincere and original approach of the controversial phenomenon inside Pitești Penitentiary, of which historian Francois Furet, member of the French Academy, believes to be “the most terrible inhuman experiences of our age”. His opinion is also supported by the 1970 Nobel Prize Winner in Literature, Alexandr Soljenitin, who defines Romanian Socialist Reformation as “the ultimate contemporary barbarism”.

“Pitesti Experimet” is a disturbing, yet fascinating story, born out in the unsettled times at the beginning of the regime, when the line between friends and foes was almost invisible. It is a terrifying account of self betrayal, faith, family and origin denial. Pretty much everything that lies at the core of human foundation.


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