Here is our “company trailer” – few highschool friends decided to study IT all the way. Back in 2001, while in college, they founded a company that focused on delivering tech based solutions to a wide range of industries. From gaming to agriculture industry, they tackeled small, medium and large projects. The result – mobile games for Nokia and Motorola devices used back in 00s, SaaS platforms, eCommerce platforms, Mobile Productivity Apps, crazy API integrations and many other techy solutions. They’ve always felt they need to cover more areas, so they started to offer complex hardware & software embeded systems for new industries – from mining to aeronautical and movie industry. And we’re still writting the story in the far Eastern Europe, for the past 15 years.

Silviu Buzatu – CEO & founder “Our projects are the refection of our core belief – that evolution arises only when we dare to challenge the status-quo of any process or industry. We do that by mixing creative thinking with past, current and future technologies while keeping in mind that human behaviour stays at the center of any action. Therefore we create mobile oriented tech solutions designed to pass the most diffcult test in the world – time.”